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29 Feb

People love me crazily: Ayeza Khan denies rude ‘airport incident’

ayeza khan

It’s been an age-old story being told to everyone to not believe everything they read on the internet. However, as we become more addicted to the internet we find it difficult to ignore things we read and instantly not believe them. One such story circulated recently about actress Ayeza Khan, who most recently gained immense popularity for her role in the drama serial Meray Pass Tum Ho.

In the serial, she played the role of an unfaithful wife that led to her husband calling her “Do takey Ki aurat” (worthless woman) in the show. It’s been a quite some time since the serial’s last episode aired yet it seems like people are not forgetting her character anytime soon.

The whole drama started when a Twitter user shared his account of seeing Ayeza at the airport being the target of taunts by fans who hadn’t gotten over her character yet. “I was at the airport and coincidentally happened to see Ayza Khan nearby. She was walking really fast and men were shouting “Dou Takkay Ki Aurat” at her as she went by. I am so angry,[sic]” he said in his tweet.




While Pakistani Twitter jumped to show sympathies with Ayeza, she immediately clarified on social media that no such incident ever took place.


ayeza khan


“Oh please! Matlab kisi aik ne kehdiya or puri dunya ne yaqeen karliya, (So one person said something and the whole world believed it), do they have any video or any proof,” she wrote.

Ayeza added that people love her a crazy amount and questioned how come people don’t talk about the love she has received for her role. Following this, she outrightly denied any such incident ever happening to her. She ended the statement by saying that she’s lucky to have had the opportunity to play several different roles. “Thank you so much for loving me as Mehwish,”.

Following this, the Twitter user who initially shared the story posted a long explanation saying that perhaps Ayeza hadn’t hear the people hurling taunts at her at the airport.



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