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14 Oct

People Magazine predicts Kate Middleton’s style during her Pakistan tour

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is all set to begin her first official tour of Pakistan along with Prince William today, October 14. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expressed earlier that they are excited to explore new sights and tastes. However, Pakistanis are more excited to find out how Kate Middleton will dress during her trip. Many are predicting that Kate may copy Princess Diana and wear some traditional wear while on her tour in Pakistan and the names of many acclaimed local designers and brands have come up.

People Magazine recently published a story about ‘how Kate Middleton’s new style confidence will shine on in Pakistan tour’. Susan Kelly, editor and founder of fashion blog, gave an insight to People Magazine. “I think this is a tour where the impact of her choices has the potential to be very significant. Textile manufacturing is an enormous part of Pakistan’s economy, so if Kate were to wear something manufactured locally, I think there would be a huge impact at a level not previously seen on tour before,” she said.

She predicted that there’s a high chance that Kate will also wear at least a few local labels.

“There are some really tremendous designers either in Pakistan or with Pakistani roots. There’s one called Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (known as HSY), Asim Jofa, Osman, who is British-based but also has Pakistani roots and there’s a tremendous history of Pakistan fabrics with vibrant colors and patterns,” she added.

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Lady Diana in traditional eastern wear


Susan also hinted that we may see Kate in a traditional shalwar kameez, much like we saw Diana in her royal tour in 1991.

“I think we will probably see at least one traditional shalwar kameez — the top and loose trousers look — from Kate on this trip,” she said, who launched her blog that follows Kate’s fashion back in 2011. “Diana wore that look multiple times in Pakistan and I think she has on occasion looked to Diana for inspiration, while being careful not to copy her.”

And of course, just as Kate wore a red maple leaf hat on tour in Canada in 2011 and a silver fern-leaf embroidered dress in New Zealand in 2014, Susan said that the duchess will likely add a sprinkle of diplomatic nods to her style choices in Pakistan.

“I think we’ll see the color green incorporated [to represent the green flag of Pakistan], and I think we may see jasmine, the national flower, used somehow in her clothing choices,” she predicted.

As for her jewelry, Kate has already worn a pair of earrings by Pakistani brand Zeen for her meeting with Aga Khan in London last week. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something else from Zeen. And there’s a store called Generation and Almirah, a brand that Gigi Hadid has worn before,” she added.

The five day tour is scheduled to take place between 14th-18th October, and will mark 13 years since the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, Charles and Camilla visited Pakistan in 2006.


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