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2 Apr

“People often confuse me with Fahad Mustafa,” says Faizan Khawaja

Faizan Khawaja, despite being the son of renowned actor/producer Rashid Khawaja, was on his own when it came to making his career in the entertainment industry. Not only did his father refuse to launch his career or introduce him to people in the industry, but he also restricted him from using his name as a reference.

In an industry that is often criticized for nepotism, Faizan had a long journey of struggle. He took formal education in the field from India and was taught by Naseeruddin Shah who he claims to be one of his gurus. He also went on to do a film with him which got stuck due to the political tension between the two countries.

In conversation with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Faizan Khawaja shared details about his journey as an actor so far, his take on professionalism in Pakistan as compared to India, his recent hit drama Dulhan, his relation to the Jeeto Pakistan star, Fahad Mustafa and much more.


Faizan Khawaja and Aamna Isani


“When I had come from India I had no idea who Fahad Mustafa was,” shared Faizan adding that people would often confuse him with the superstar. “Even if you go to Google and type Faizan Khawaja, you would find Fahad Mustafa’s brother written with it.”

He believes that by now if he hadn’t made a name for himself or had become famous, the actor now famously known for Dulhan, could have made a career out of being Fahad’s doppelganger.

“In my struggle phase, I always thought that Fahad Mustafa will one day cast me as his brother and that’ll be the day I’ll be in dramas.” Faizan further shared that following the success of Aik Nayee Cinderella, he was actually offered a role to play Fahad’s younger brother.

“When Fahad launched his production company Big Bang, the first serial was Mere Hamrahi and I got a call from the production head saying Fahad Mustafa wants you to play the younger brother. And I was like finally.”

While the resemblance was acknowledged, he did not end up doing the project. Faizan also shared that people have accused him of lying that he isn’t Fahad’s brother. “Why would I lie? He’s Sindhi, I think. I’m Kashmiri from my father’s side and Punjabi from my mother’s side.”

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