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22 Nov

People should be able to relate Pakistani culture with my style – Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan recently made an appearance in Dawn News‘ morning show Chai, Toast Aur Host, and talked at length about her personal style, what she aspires to convey to her fans, and how she thinks a Pakistani actor should conduct themself.

Attending the show as a guest of Iman Zaidi and Akbar Chaudhry, the actress wore a black and gold ensemble from Alkaram’s latest winter festive collection, a brand that she has been the face of for two years now. Naturally, the conversation shifted to her style, and not one to stay mum, Ayeza revealed how her brought up has shaped her personal style, and what she wants to convey to her vast audience and fan-base (she has almost 4.5 million followers on Instagram).


Ayeza Khan appears on the Chai, Toast Aur Host show on Dawn News.


“I always try, as a Pakistani actress making public appearances, that my style is different from when I’m a mother or a wife. I keep in mind that I have to look presentable, and I try to make sure that people who are watching me are able to relate me to my country,” said Ayeza, when asked to elaborate her personal style mantra.

The actress emphasized on the importance of the impact she has as a popular actress in a country like Pakistan. “People follow me, girls want to emulate my style, so it’s a huge responsibility for me to send the right message across; stay comfortable and make sure you don’t lose yourself in the clothes that you wear,” she said.

The actress has been on roll with her latest projects being mega-hits. She recently also took to Instagram to share her struggles as a working mother, which she also discussed in the show. You can watch the show here:



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