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23 Jun

Pepsi Battle of the Bands all set to change the music scene with its fourth season

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is all set for its fourth season to launch on July 29, 2019, and the preparations for Pakistan’s biggest musical platform are in full swing!

The first teaser for the new edition of the hit show has just dropped, and by the looks of it, season four promises to be bigger and bolder. With more heart thumping and head banging music on the way for eight weeks straight, talk about your summer playlist being sorted!

Watch the teaser here



Pepsi Battle of the Bands has been the pioneer in launching some of the biggest names in music right now; the show’s first season gave us gems like Aaroh, who hold the distinction of being the first winners of the show, and the wildly popular EP and Mikaal Hassan Band, who finished as the runners-up. The show has consistently churned out chart toppers, with bands like Kashmir, Badnaam, and Bayaan finding their footing on the show’s second and third seasons.

The show has had a legacy of introducing different sounds each season, and every band that has come out from it excels in their respective genres of music be it pop or rock. This year too, the show promises to indulge in a plethora of different genres, with a new crop of bands working with diverse sounds like rap, neo-rock and the hugely popular, electronic dance music (EDM).



Leading up to the highly anticipated season, Pepsi is kicking it in full gear with plans for a big media amplification process in an effort to build up the hype for the upcoming season that is sure to be more innovative with a grander platform. Offering this mega-platform for Pakistan’s undiscovered and uncharted stars, this season is sure to be a success with the young lot that are so much more into a diverse range of sound. It is important for shows like Pepsi Battle of the Bands to tap into the rising popularity of genres like rap and EDM in the local soundscape, and provide a platform to showcase local talent.

The audiences have a lot to be excited for this season as the visual spectacle that is Pepsi Battle of the Bands will undergo a slight makeover, with a revised format as well. This time around, the bands will battle it out head on, forcing each other to bring out their A-game, and at the same time making for some adrenaline pumping, high-tension and highly entertaining television. The bands will also be made to produce more original content than in previous seasons where they were judged on the basis of their original music as well as covers.



With the all-new season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands tapping into new territories in terms of sound and music, this season is sure to be a trailblazer and we can be sure that the local music landscape will undergo a major haul after Pepsi Battle of the Bands season four has had its run!



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