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8 Aug

Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4 Episode 6: The rise of the two finalists

Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Season four of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is fast approaching its conclusion with only four bands in the competition now. All eyes are on the prize and the musical clash is getting bigger, better and tougher. Episode 6 witnessed the shortlisted finalists Auj, E-Sharp, Black Hour and Aarish compete to impress the judges.

The episode began with an impressive performance by last season’s hit maker Tamaasha who performed their recently released original, Paisa Phenk. The head-banging tune set the right pace for the face-off. The catch of episode 6 was that the bands performed mash-ups of their favourite song, which means they had to fuse on original song with a cover.


E-Sharp vs Aarish


Pepsi Battle of the Bands


E-Sharp kicked off the first battle with a cover of Tu Hai Kahan (sung by Strings, Haroon and late Junaid Jamshed) along with their original Aik Nayi Subah. E-Sharp started with mellow notes of their original. It was a soothing composition which smoothly transitioned into a rocking cover with guitar riffs and took it to another level by fusing dhol in it. And in case you missed it the track ended with an instrumental of our national anthem. Now that’s what we call a power-packed fusion! The judges also loved the performance, but Fawad thinks that they need to polish their lyrics.


Pepsi Battle of the Bands


Next in line was Aarish that chose to mix their original Muntazir with the cover of Dekha Na Tha by Alamgir. The highlight of Aarish’s pop number were the breaks in their fusion. The pauses were so apt and dramatic that they left a mark on a listener.

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Auj vs Black Hour 


Pepsi Battle of the Bands


The second face-off was between Black Hour and Auj. Black Hour’s mash-up was all about lonelinessn and yearning. Yes, their original song was Tanhaiyaan while they chose to sang a cover of Fringe Benefits’ Tanhai. The number had an eclectic groove to it and the songs mixed with high-energy were worth-watching.


Pepsi Battle of the Bands


The last performance was by this season’s most beloved band, Auj. The band sang a fusion of their original Angraiziyan and punjabi song Laung Gawacha by Mussarat Nazir. It was story-telling through music where the original explained the male perspective of the classic song. Though Meesha wasn’t able to find any connection between the two songs but Fawad loved the innovation.




Pepsi Battle of the Bands


After such electrifying performances, the burden of choosing top two finalists was over the judges. The twist is that the winner of the season will be chosen through voting. Fawad tried to ease the situation and announced the finalists while reading poetry allegedly written by Bilal Maqsood. The top two finalists who will battle it out in the epic finale are Aarish and Auj. Aarish also won the signed guitar for ‘Performer of the Day’.

Watch Episode 6 here and share which band do you like the most?



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