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16 Mar

The new #PepsiGenerations ad is finally out and it has exceeded all expectations

A heads up: What you’re about to witness is perhaps the biggest and most star-studded TVC in Pakistan’s history! Featuring a bevy of stars, or rather icons, the commercial takes us on a ride through history with the one and only Fawad Khan in the driver’s seat.

The video opens with Fawad spotting a Pepsi can from the ‘60s in a Pepsi chiller. Just as he grabs it, he is transported back to the ‘70s where we see him surrounded by vintage cars and some pretty cool Pepsi billboards from that era. There he spots another vintage Pepsi bottle, takes a sip and boom! It’s time for disco as Fawad is now transported to a dance floor set in the ‘80s and joined by our king of pop Zoheb Hassan! If their moves on Zoheb’s iconic track Oe Oe weren’t already fiery enough, Fawad actually does the moonwalk paying tribute to another Pepsi icon, Michael Jackson!


That’s not it! Fawad spots the classic white Pepsi can and this time finds himself in the middle of a massive celebration – Pakistan winning the ’92 World Cup. Here, we see the great Shahi Hassan jamming away next to a Vital Signs poster (an apt tribute to a long-time Pepsi collaborator), following which Fawad bumps into cricked legend Wasim Akram. As he grabs the next Pepsi can, Fawad is transported to a mall where he meets the gorgeous Reema Khan, who hands him over another can which brings Fawad back to the 2000s.


In the last but most poignant sequence, things take an unexpected turn and this time it is Fawad who is approached by none other than Kashmir – winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. In a move which is akin to passing the baton forward, Fawad hands over the can to the next generation of rock stars as they get ready for a grand concert. Just a word of caution: by this time, it might be difficult for you to hold back your tears because reliving all the most iconic moments in time sure will tug at your heartstrings making you nostalgic but also swell with pride and love for Pakistan!

Must applaud Pepsi for going full circle by reinventing band culture and showing a seamless transition from the old generations to the current, making the TVC a sure shot treat for the eyes!

Oh and here’s the TVC:

Pepsi | Cricket | Music

Cricket, music and the good old days. Experience your greatest memories all over again with Pepsi, the choice of every generation. #PepsiGenerations

Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Freitag, 16. März 2018

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