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26 Jul

Teaser review: Persian film ‘Untimely’ tells a gripping tale of two siblings


Nowadays we are bombarded with content from all around the world. With streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon and many more, films from all across the world are now at our finger tips. We chanced upon watching one such trailer of a film — Untimely — directed by a Persian filmmaker, Pouya Eshtehardi. What grabbed our attention instantly was a reference to Pakistan along with its gripping visuals.

According to the official website of Persia Film Distribution, “The story revolves around Hamin, a young guy doing his military service in a watchtower in the borderline of Iran and Pakistan. Impatient for a day off to attend his sister’s wedding ceremony, he gets into a fight with his commander. Up in the watchtower, Hamin reviews the past years and the things happened to him and his sister since their childhood.”




Director Pouya Eshtehardi is a musician, novelist and a filmmaker. Since 2010, he has made many short films and documentaries. Untimely is his first feature film that he also wrote.

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The teaser of the film is spellbinding with beautiful cinematography o off visuals from the Iran-Pakistan border. We are also intrigued to see a child bride and perhaps the story will touch upon some social stigmas as well.

Watch the teaser here and share your thoughts about the film:




Syeda Zehra

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