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30 Apr

Peter Dinklage’s Pakistani lookalike features in first-ever advertisement

Tyrion Lannister

Earlier this year, Pakistan’s very own Tyrion Lannister — a popular Game of Thrones character — became the talk of the town for his uncanny resemblance with the actor. Now, the Peshawar-based restaurant server Rozi Khan is basking in the fame after being featured in a food service advertisement.

In an interview recently with Reuters, Rozi Khan expressed that he wishes to work in films and also hopes to meet Peter Dinklage, his lookalike, someday.

“My wish is to work in movies. And my other wish is that I should meet Peter Dinklage, Reuters reported. The two not only have an uncanny resemblance, but both of them are 4 feet 5 inches.


Tyrion Lannister


It seems like the waiter has finally risen to the occasion as he featured in the commercial of an upcoming food delivery service and the ad is filled with GoT references.


He also told the news agency that his rise to fame was gradual as after people referred to him as Peter Dinklage, he started watching the show and then found out about the Hollywood actor.

This is not the first time that a man from rural areas of Pakistan has made headlines in the industry. Previously, a teaboy — Arshad Khan — who was popularly known as the ‘blue-eyed teaboy’ became a sensation overnight. His pictures went viral and Arshad soon became a celebrity; he not only modeled for brands but also walked the ramp for a UK brand ‘Ziggi’.


Tyrion Lannister


Arshad has since been missing from the scene and it remains uncertain if he will be making a comeback soon. Similarly, we wonder what will become of Rozi and his aspirations to become an actor.


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