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1 Jan

Upping the bridal ante 2

The third dimension

Star power: Mahira and Fawad for Umar Sayeed

1. Star presence may not have been enough to overwhelm but it was enough to keep the interest alive all four days. Naheed Siddiqui closed the show for Kiran Aman whilst Hadiqa Kiyani, Moammar Rana and Adeel Hashmi walked for Sonia Azhar. HSY’s Game of Kings brought out Lahore’s celebrity socialite Shameel Alam as well as Meesha Shafi’s Great Dane. Josh picked the show up for Sara Rohale Asghar, Quratulain Balouch and Bilal Khan breathed more life into Asifa & Nabeel’s closing while Sanam Marvi pelted out some of Pakistan’s strongest sufi playlist for Nida Azwer. Last but not least, Humsafar superstars Mahira and Fawad Khan put the ‘grand’ in Umar Sayeed’s already impressive fashion week finale.

BUT: December being the busiest month for weddings in Pakistan, there weren’t enough stars and socialites on the red carpet or front rows.

Nabila conceptualized the style segment Gold to Bold to give bridals a twist

2. PFDC allotted four different stylists to all four days. Nabila upped the ante on day one with only Asmaa Mumtaz posing competition to her vision. Mumtaz styled Karma’s segment on day four. Depilex on day two was passable but lacked finesse whereas the Toni&Guy team came across as more refined and experienced. Shahzad Raza styled day four (except for Karma’s show) and his experience with bridal makeup reflected in the way he kept the looks simple and yet beautiful.

BUT: Khawar Riaz style male models all four days, which is surprising since all the appointed stylists do so as well.

Garland galore: Hamza Tarar changed the runway everyday, sometimes even more than once a day.

3. Hamza Tarar’s set designs added essential chutzpah to the ambience at fashion week. Flowers blossomed on the runway as garlands and bouquets speckled with candelabra, glistening crystal curtains and all the props needed to support a designer’s theme. The opulence of bridals was well supported by Tarar’s sets.

BUT: Breaks between all shows led to logistical disasters and unnecessary time delays. It was ridiculously impractical to empty out the show area after every show.

4. L’Oreal’s daily newsletter was a fine detail that reflected on the sponsor’s level of interest in the event.

BUT: One wishes that more designers had paid that much attention to their own branding. Apart from a couple of names, no one bothered with brochures/look books/press kits or hand-outs that may have imparted vital information to the media and buyers. It reflected upon poor planning and lack of interest.

Selina, Kami and I on the Black Carpet

All photography by Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly


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