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21 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day One

Fashion week took off on a dignified, progressive note where the fashion was concerned.

Akif’s finale, a tribute to the basant festival

Maria B: This has got to be Maria’s best collection so far. It was commercially safe and a bit limited in lower options but the sleek tunics more than made up. Hemlines went up a bit, came into asymmetrical lines and shapes remained loose and practical.

Zonia: The young PIFD student showcased an extended version of her graduate collection. Well detailed and fluid in colours.

Zaheer Abbas: Certainly an evolved collection, this homage to Roman statues had movement and fluidity. Embellishment was retrained and ornamental, whereas the choice of fabric and colour palette is where the designer played it safe. Regardless, it was one of the strongest collection of the day.

(Since I was in the GEO commentary booth for Act One, I could not take pictures, which I will upload once the uber-efficient Lotus dispatch them)

Nida Azwer: A predominantly moss green collection, there were some very beautiful pieces but most of which would be better off in a retail outlet rather than a runway. Nida’s ethnic was strong but her dresses were weak.

PIFD: The ensemble of students had to be the most strongest of the day. They had energy, excitement and the kind of drama that it required on the runway. Fabulous.

PIFDs conceptual brilliance. Wish one knew who had designed this.

Akif: As a follow up to his last fashion week collection – which was magnificent hence getting hopes up very high – this one was a bit of let down. The interpretation of basant was too literal and one felt that the ‘folk’ element was pushed a bit too far.

Some thoughts:

1. The day was smooth, proving that practice pushes towards perfect.

2. But it lacked wow moments, enough front row fashionistas and glamour.

3. TDAP officials may bring trade value to fashion week but they do not lend it the kind of credibility that Hilary Alexander or other foreign media/buyers do.

4. Wifi and Media Centre for journalists were up and available this time, as were refreshments.

5. Look of the day as dictated by hair and makeup was sleek, natural and minimalist. Hair straight and fuss free.

6. Colour wave for spring summer seems to be moss/olive green and blue and ecru or beige. Very natural, muted palette.



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