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28 Apr

Photographer Alee Hassan tests positive for coronavirus; reveals shocking reality of a government quarantine facility

alee hassan

Fashion photographer Alee Hassan has made quite a name for himself in the fashion industry however today he made it to the news for testing positive for the coronavirus and then going live from the government quarantine facility. We were all initially impressed with news of government officials taking active measures to create isolation centres for COVID-19 patients but Alee showed us how patients diagnosed with the disease are really treated.

Alee has recorded the entire ordeal on his Instagram story…



Alee first explained that he, along with two of his family members, had tested positive for the Coronavirus. After his diagnosis, the government medical officers escorted him and his family members to a quarantine facility, despite their reservations and insistence on being quarantined in their homes. He then showed the condition of the waiting area of the facility, where they had been left with no information about the process ahead. They had to wait in an area where healthy people were mingling too.

After he, along with other people, created a scene about the situation, they were then taken to an apparently ‘improved’ facility. There they were made to stand outside the building for a long period of time. “It’s better for us to stay at home instead of this disaster. I wasn’t showing any symptoms either but ever since I have arrived at the hospital, I’m feeling nauseous,” said Alee.



Further on his story, Alee expressed his anger over this going unnoticed. Saying, “I don’t know where our journalists are right now. All the bloggers talk mindlessly on unimportant issues but in such dire times they’re all silent. It’s been an hour since they’ve left us out in the sun here. It was better that they had left us at our homes. Why are they bringing us here? It doesn’t make sense.”

Alee then showed us a view of the facility, which was shocking to say the least. The conditions looked absolutely appalling and we’re extremely disappointed and scared for the people who have to go through this. We hope people keep themselves safe so they don’t have to be subjected to such vile conditions. Our prayers are with Alee and his family, along with all the other patients locked in the quarantine facilities.




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