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13 Aug

PIA celebrates 70 years with a Momina Mustehsan concert in the air!

All of Pakistan is celebrating August 14 and Pakistan’s 70th birthday this evening and I think the most creative celebration has to be hosted by national carrier PIA, who planned a Momina Mustehsan concert on PK308, in the air! Up, up and away! It was a fine way to treat passengers and a select group of bloggers was also flown out.├é┬áPassengers on the flight were pleasantly surprised when the crew and Momina, accompanied by musicians Haroon and Sharoon, set the plan in motion and commenced the jam. It was a tremendously unique experience for PIA, the passengers and Momina Mustehsan.

I couldn’t make it on this flight but the kind people at Mind Map Communication sent out these videos of how amazing it was. I bet you guys will enjoy this too.

We don’t think an aircraft is an ideal acoustic space but Momina makes it work and we love her patriotic wardrobe!



Momina also performed her hit song, ‘Afreen Afreen’ and we wondered how amazing it would have been had she been accompanied by Danyal Zafar for a rendition of their new Coke Studio song as well.



She ended the concert with a message to her fans, the youth of Pakistan, and reminded everyone to do their part in making Pakistan great again.


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