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17 Sep

In Pictures: How the A-listers are doing London for the IPPA’s!

With the entertainment industry in Pakistan stretching its wings to take remarkable flights every year, award ceremonies are also evolving to celebrate the talented. International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA), the first of its kind for Pakistan have been established to honor and celebrate our stars on a global scale. The international awards will be staged for the first time ever this year, tonight in London.

IPPA in its first year entails 25 awards, catering to 5 distinct categories; TV, Film, Music, Fashion and Sports. Yes, it is a weird combination of genres and we can’t see how Sports fits in, beyond lending the event some more star power.

With the IPPA rolling out its red carpet this very evening at the top-notch Hilton Hotel, needless to say we have a bevy of Pakistani celebrity roaming the streets of London, waiting to storm into the star-studded event in all their glory.

Let’s see how the A-Listers are prepping for the glamorous night.

The Hocane sisters and Farhan Saeed in cool casuals. The trio landed in London earlier this week to celebrate Farhan Saeed’s birthday and now they are set to hit the IPPA’s. Urwa Hocane is also nominated for the Best Actress TV Serial! Mawra, we hear, will be performing.


The energy is contagious! Humayun Saeed and Yasir Hussain in their fun element for the IPPA’s.


Caught in the rehersals: guess we can expect a power-packed performance on stage from Ahsan Khan tonight!


Wohoo, look who is just in time! Humaima Malik makes her way to the Grange Holborn Hotel in London, where most of the celebrity are lodged.


The Rangreza boys are all smiles and beams and these guys give us serious #bromance #goals!


TV and film stars come together and we’re intrigued.


Now, what exactly are the IPPAs and how credible are they is a question no one can answer to our satisfaction yet. Everyone with even an iota of star power has been roped in though we have to say it’s never good enough without Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan or Atif Aslam. We tried finding an IPPA website but found an International Positive Psychology Association and other medial forums under a search of the abbreviation. So yes, we do think this is a case of our celebs never missing a chance to get on a plane and fly out, especially if there’s an award and party (in this case both) at the other end.

We’ll be watching for more…




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