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31 Mar

Coronavirus: Play your part & volunteer at the Field Isolation Center in Karachi


Pakistan is struggling to cope with the spread of COVID-19 due to low medical equipment and isolation spaces. To help things in any way possible, especially given the country’s hospital bed to population ratio, a 200-bed isolation centre has been created at Expo Center in Karachi, to treat Corona patients. The capacity will be expanded to 1200 beds. However, to help manage the isolation ward, volunteers are needed to assist the medical staff.

People from all walks of life have joined hands at the Field Isolation Center in Karachi to serve the nation. You can also join them in their mission. The center has been set up with strict World Heath Organization (WHO) standards to ensure the safety and protection of all its workers.

No matter who you are or what you do, now is the time to put all fears and differences aside to step up to help your country and your community.





expo center


DO NOT be afraid to voulnteer. If they can do it, then so can you! Join them at the Expo Center, Karachi.


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