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1 Oct

PLBW19 Day Three: Here’s what MNR, FAS & Noreen Neelam brought to the runway

One would think that insufferable delays in starting the shows at PLBW19 on time would’ve been resolved by the final day, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. In fact, if anything, it took longer for the shows to roll out, with the audience sitting in eagerness. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s show, that was scheduled for 4:30 pm, started around 7:30 pm, so one can imagine just how stretched out the rest of the evening was. By the time the finale rolled out, it was past midnight!

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s (MNR) upbeat showcase titled Chahar Bagh opened and made a mark on the PFDC platform; this was his debut on their catwalk and he made sure to roll out not just a collection, but an experience. There had been tangible curiosity prior to his show, which was rumoured to be 70 pieces long, and which would have been tiresome to watch (especially on those benches) except for the music, which kept things alive.


‘Chahar Bagh’ by MNR


Maybe Mohsin was aware of the colossal risk his show carried of getting too long or too boring for the audience, and he consciously made the effort to lighten the mood, and carefully chose the music for it. Which, of course, elevated his collection that otherwise had the potential to falter midway. With models grooving and jiving down the runway, there wasn’t a moment when the show lost the audience’s attention though the clothes alone would not have been able to hold our interest without it. MNR really took it away with impeccable choreography; there were impromptu bhangras, dances and footwork that kept things moving.



The showcase could’ve easily been shorter had he not decided to repeat looks and send out the same outfit, just in different colour variations. There really was no point of having the same outfit on the stage three times over. One interesting thing to note however, was how there was something for everyone and every occasion at a desi wedding; from colorful mehendi joras to beautiful, jewel red wedding ensembles, and metallics perfect for receptions. Not much experimentation was spotted though, with mostly traditional silhouettes reigning supreme for MNR, making for a collection fit for the racks.


‘Parwana-e-Husan’ by FAS


Following right after MNR was FAS – Faraz Abid Sheikhu with his collection titled Parwana-e-Husan. With a star studded show, the designer sure made for an entertaining watch, however, it fell short of really delivering anything really substantial to the world of bridal fashion in terms of innovative designs. Making a pretty collection, FAS did try to ruffle some feathers in his design house here and there, which needs to be credited; however where he succeeded a little, the finishing set him back. With noticeable sizing issues which dampened the collection a little, the star power saved the show, as it so often happens to be the case, sadly increasingly more so.


‘Mumtaz Mahal’ by Noreen Neelam


Noreen Neelam, with their collection titled Mumtaz Mahal, again lacked the kind of finesse needed on the ramp under big lights. With the sleeves bunching up on the model’s arms, and questionable placements of embroidery and embellishments, the collection could really have made a mark if these issues were resolved. With a diverse color palette, there were some Mughal-esque styles and textures, concentrating on long and flowy silhouettes, with farshi ghararas, lehngas and the classic gharara, embellished with a lot of mukesh and stone work on a jewel toned palette.

The final day of PLBW19 delivered a mixed bag, replete with delays and disappointments in design. Thankfully, though, it ended on a high note with HSY, the review of which you can read on the site.

  • Photography by Faisal Farooqui @Dragonfly


Yumna Aftab