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28 Mar

PM Imran Khan reacts to Maria B controversy

maria b

Earlier this week, Pakistani designer Maria B became the center of attention after mishandling her cook who had tested positive for the coronavirus. Maria B’s husband Tahir Saeed was arrested by the Punjab police for sending their cook back to his village via public transport, risking many lives in the process. The couple later made a video thanking Imran Khan and the army for helping bail Tahir Saeed out of jail which, understandably, led to people criticising the government for bowing to the rich and powerful.

The PM has now finally responded to the entire situation.

When a journalist asked for his comment during a recent media interaction, Prime Minister Imran Khan replied saying he had no idea about this case nor had anyone reached out to him about this matter. However, he did add, “This is a new thing in Pakistan. People have no idea how to deal with corona because it’s not widespread in Pakistan yet. In Italy, people know about the precautions because they’re seeing their people die every day. Here there have been eight deaths in two weeks so people aren’t serious enough yet.”

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“You’re right about the negligence though. It is our job. I will keep trying to inform people about all this,” he said.



Maria B’s husband was apparently released on bail within 24 hours of being arrested. Later, when the couple claimed they had gotten help from the PM and the army, there was some more backlash regarding the special treatment for the wealthy by the government.

It now seems that the situation was not even on the PM’s radar! Your thoughts?


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