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9 Mar

A progressive message from Peek Freans’ Cake Up

Peek Freans

We’ve seen too many similar ads in which women are related to the role of submissive housewives and homemakers; they are always the ones making tea, cooking Haleem/Karahi and worrying about getting the right detergent for a better and brighter wash. The message that Peek Freans sends out with this ad is that a woman does not need to compromise on her career to ensure a happy and balanced home; at the end of the day, it’s all about spending quality (over quantity) time with your children and family.

Juggling between a career and a happy family is a challenge for most women. While there are some who sacrifice their profession in order to look over their children, there are others who may neglect their children in order to pursue careers. This ad acknowledges those who manage to strike the perfect balance without compromising on both.

Peek Freans Cake Up’s new advertisement highlights the well-balanced and constructive relationship between a working mother and her school-going son. In the beginning, we’re led to believe that the mother is too busy to give her son time, but as the story unfolds, we see that things are indeed the exact opposite.

The mother teaches her son valuable life lessons through small notes that she keeps in his lunchbox. He reads them and they help him get through various obstacles he faces through the day: saying sorry to a friend, owning up to a mistake etc. There are moral lessons in the ad, which through its duration introduces a different cupcake in the boy’s lunchbox every day. It’s sweet. It’s emotional. In the end, the son packs half of his cupcake for his mother with a note stating “when you share sweet things with others, they become even sweeter”. This puts a smile on his mother’s face, building a stronger and sweeter bond between the two.

We can think of 2 ways in which working mothers can optimize the time spent with their children:

  1. Switch off your smartphone when you get back from home. Leave your work at the office.
  2. Communicate! Let your kids know that they have your attention and not let them feel ignored.

It’s about spending quality time with kids vs. quantity time. As long as you make sure you’re making the right contribution to your child’s life by instilling the right values, you’re on the right track! Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, even if that little thing is a cupcake in the lunchbox!

Watch the Ad below:


Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Real moments form real relationships.#PeekFreansCakeUp #RealRishtey #RealGoodnessInside

Posted by Peek Freans Cake Up on Freitag, 16. Februar 2018


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