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14 Jul

Project Ghazi premieres but official release postponed!

Project Ghazi, projected as Pakistan’s first superhero film, premiered a couple of hours ago at the Nueplex Cinemas, and the show has ended with news that the film’s official release has been postponed.

Humayun Saeed convinced the producers to delay the release as the film suffered technical faults and needed more work.

Here we are with a low-down of what went down this evening…

Of course our red carpet stars were only a couple of hours late, making the audience impatient and grumpy; little did they know it was about to get worse! We wondered if Humayun Saeed was going to be attending the show, as he has been largely amiss from Project Ghazi promotions, having put all his energy into his own production, Punjab Nahi Jaungi that is, but the star did appear eventually. Sheheryar Munawar, however, couldn’t make it as his flight from London got delayed.


Humayun Saeed made a late appearance


We saw Adeel Hussain, Ahad Raza Mir, Ali Gul Pir, Shahroze Subzwari, acclaimed director Nadeem Baig and many more supporters of Pakistan’s film industry turn up for the film. There was a mad rush on the red carpet, once again resulting in pushes and shoves and then regrets for turning up and making the effort.


Syra looked happy

Unfortunately we also saw Humayun Saeed and Syra Shahroz (and many others) leaving the cinema forty minutes into the film, while the producer himself sat in the front row, looking lost for words. Apparently it was really, really bad. According to one member in the audience, who we caught at the exit (we also left), ‘it looked like someone had shot the film with an 80s’ camera phone and released it without any kind of edit.’ Truth be told, we weren’t expecting it to be so bad. The trailer was not this bad, right?

And now, it has been confirmed that the film’s official release has been postponed and some editing will be done on the final cut before it’s officially released.



We’ll have to wait and see what fate the film meets but one thing is for sure: looks like Project Ghazi needs a superhero to save it from itself. We hope it finds one because we certainly wouldn’t want to see so much hard work get wasted.

Meanwhile, cinema owners are upset as ticket sales have been made and they’ll have to face irate and angry customers.


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