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12 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2018 comes to a promising end!


The third and final day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week ’18 concluded with some surprise hits by the likes of Mona Imran and Zonia Anwaar, and some predictable misses by others.

While HSY brought in predicted theatrical value with Knight, it was Republic that was the actual trendsetter for the night! High-street brands, on the other hand, spun lawn into some preposterous garments, making it difficult to distinguish one collection from another.



Those beaded tassels need to go


While the womenswear was overdone, to say the least, the menswear did feature some smart options. Short kurtas were paired with waistcoats that not only looked good, but were wearable too. That said it wasn’t a very ‘khaas’ collection.

Rouge – Fluer Du Spring


Quite Sabyasachi, no?


Rouge followed the similar path of overdesigning outfits. While the double draped saaris could have looked great, the needless adornments made them look over the top. Plus, we’re pretty sure we saw showstopper Sumbul Iqbal’s outfit lined with pins at the back, probably due to wrong fitting and it was simply unacceptable to see that on the runway.


Rang Rasiya – Saccharine


One of the nicer pieces from the collection


While some of the uppers and jackets were smart, the collection offered nothing new in terms of prints or silhouettes.


So Kamal – Boho Allure


A smart pantsuit is this season’s hautest trend!


The bold prints made for a vibrant display and the silhouettes aimed at innovation, however they could have been styled better to give a more practical and wearable feel.


Zonia Anwaar- Odisha


Vibrant colours and prints by Zonia


Zonia’s collection came as a pleasant surprise of eclectic prints and experimental silhouettes. The designer has previously played it safe, but her amalgamation of design concepts this time around really stood out strong. The long printed trench coat like capes would do well in the market, and we’d love to see them on the rack!


Mona Imran – Ode to Picasso


A very strong collection of quirky whites


The designer really surprised this time around, bringing out a smart and trendy collection of whites. Inspired by Pablo Picasso, the ensembles had quirky details, and elements like statement sleeves and unique necklines. The collection was well thought out, as one could tell from the attention to details and accessories. We really hope Mona dabbles more into such pret, rather than bridals.


Republic by Omar Farooq


The belts added a cool Japanese touch


The menswear designer always comes to fashion week with a savvy collection of wearable yet trendy outfits and this time around was no different. Athleisure came alive on the runway with inspiration from Japan’s comic book art. The jackets were slouchy, the sweatshirts baggy and the pants loose; standing apart from the sleekly cut ensembles menswear is known for.


Fahad Hussayn – The Guilded Wastelands


Sure, Fahad Hussayn is great with drapery, but what’s new…


This collection was definitely more couture than pret, with draped gowns and heavily embellished formal wear. Sadly, it also felt like a mix of various previous collections and pieces we have seen by the designer before. While the colour palette was vast and perfect for spring, the designs did not entice.


HSY – Knight


Sharp menswear, as always by HSY


PSFW’18 started on a note of women empowerment, and it was only fitting to end it on the same. HSY celebrated strong independent woman, walking out with his mother as an example. The music played to a loud beat and the marching models made for a powerful display. Coming to the ensembles, which were mostly signature HSY black pieces, the menswear easily triumphed the womenswear as the sleek cut suits with a dab of embellishment made an interesting statement. The womenswear too featured layers and variations of pants and jackets, yet none of it felt innovative enough.

  • Photography by Faisal Farooqui @Dragonfly



Mariam Tahir

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