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6 Jul

Punjabi Nahi Jaungi’s trailer promises full-fledged entertainment

punjab nahi jaungi

If there was ever a trailer launch high on star power and packed with energy, it was definitely the one for Punjab Nahi Jaungi last night! From the grand entrance of the main cast on tongas, dancing to the beat of the dhol walas accompanying them, it was high on energy and impact, if nothing else. If the film itself is as happening as the trailer, which sure looks like the case, you should be prepared for a fun time.

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi trailer launch was attended by an impressive number of celebrities. Fahad Mustafa, Feroze Khan, Bilal Ashraf, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Bushra Ansari and many more added to the star power of the evening.  Ahmed Ali Butt’s hosting skills had the audience laughing at every sentence. We asked the actor about his role in the film to which he cheekily replied, “I’m playing an android robot who is a thousand years old!” He then went on to inform us that he plays the role of the devoted best friend, who is not just there for comic relief but also is the voice of reason in Humayun’s life.

punjab nahi jaungi

Fahad Mustafa and Ahmed Ali Butt at the trailer launch

In the trailer we see Humayun Saeed as a rich Punjabi lad who is returning to his hometown, having just passed his metric exams. (Also read our exclusive interview with the actor: Humayun Saeed talks about Punjab Nahin Jaungi, finally!) Urwa Hocane is seen as the beautiful Punjaban, while Mehwish Hayat yet again plays the role of a bad-ass urban chick, who is already in a relationship with Azfar Rehman.

The cinematography, epic shots, dance numbers, and costumes all look grand and the best thing about the trailer is that it’s been cut like a trailer, intrigues one about the film and also is more grand-cinematic than tele-film style.  The film can only be judged once the movie releases, but for now we are happy with what we see.

punjab nahi jaungi

The main cast of the film, and yes even we’re wondering why Urwa is wearing her shades like that

Watch the trailer here, if you haven’t already…

Mariam Tahir

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