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27 Mar

Pyar Ke Sadqay: Will Abdullah trust Mahjabeen when her father has told him not to?


Pyar Ke Sadqay is one of our favourite shows on TV right now with an immensely talented cast and a gripping story. It explores the lives of two extremely naive individuals, Abdullah and Mahjabeen, played by Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi respectively.

Recently the show has taken a turn for the better, as Abdullah and Mahjabeen adjust to their new lives as a newly-married couple. Every scene between these two has screamed cuteness to our faces and we simply cannot get enough. Abdullah is gradually understanding that Mahjabeen’s struggles are not dissimilar to his own.

In the latest episode, we see that when Mahjabeen’s father finds out that she lied to her husband about being good academically, he gets riled up and slaps his daughter right there. Abdullah, shocked by the sudden reaction, is unable to speak himself. Mahjabeen’s father then begs Abdullah to not trust anything she says without thinking. He further predicts that Abdullah will leave her if she keeps up her shenanigans.




To this, our adorable Abdullah replies that he won’t leave Mahjabeen no matter what and they shouldn’t worry. He also apologizes to Mahjabeen for not being able to hide her lie from her father. What we’re concerned about in this entire situation is that how can a father willingly destroy his daughter’s credibility in front of her husband? Showing that her own parents do not have faith in her, will not do well for Abdullah’s trust in Mahjabeen.

We know that there is a whole storm of situations waiting to unravel on Sarwar’s part as Abdullah’s step-father was in love with Mahjabeen. So, when he does misbehave with Mahjabeen, as we’re starting to see in the next episode’s promo, will Abdullah believe her? As impressionable as he is, we’re thinking no. He’ll do what his father-in-law had instructed him to do, that is not to trust Mahjabeen without proof.




Fathers really ought to stop idolizing their sons-in-law as if their daughters were a literal weight taken off their shoulders. It really doesn’t do well for their daughters’ relationship with her husband.

Also, how is slapping women being normalized in popular dramas these days as if it’s a normal occurrence?  We see no one make a big deal about Mahjabeen being slapped. In Ghalati, Saad slapping his sister, no matter how awful her action was, Saad has done a lot worse and I don’t see anyone running to slap him. Also, in Thora Sa Haq, Zamin slapping Hareem, who is simply a victim of his narcissism. It’s not new, women have been slapped time and time again in Pakistani TV shows, not just by men but by other women as well.

We hope to see this slap not being a normal occurrence for Mahjabeen, considering how easily this was taken by all parties!

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Eman Lakhany