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15 Nov

Rabi Pirzada makes her first appearance after landing in controversy

Singer Rabi Pirzada, who found herself the target of a huge breach of privacy with her personal photos and videos being leaked on the internet, made her first appearance after the controversy in a YouTube video posted on Thursday.

After releasing a statement that she will be leaving the entertainment industry after the mishap, Rabi seemed to be finding solace in religion. In a video posted on her Twitter handle, the singer elaborated on her situation and her subsequent course of action. Addressing the leak of her personal data in the lengthy video, Rabi explained her decision to turn away, simultaneously making sure to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.


Rabi broke down more than once through the length of the video


Rabi went on to speak about how she was offered a lot of work after the personal infringement, however there are two ways she could’ve dealt with it; stray from religion, grab the limelight and get more fame, or choose to better herself and maintain a distance. She is choosing the second option. “Whatever I made, it was private. It’s between me and my Allah and I’m guilty in front of Allah. He knows the state of my heart, He understands my tears,” she said before quoting the Holy Quran and making her decision clear.

She also talked about the women who supported her throughout, however failed to thank them for extending their support. “Many women offered me support. We will protest for you, no one will dare talk against you. Those that say #MeToo and #MeraJismMeriMarzi. But no, my being belongs to Allah and my body is Allah’s will. I have disobeyed Allah even if just in my privacy, and Allah showed me. It was my will to work in showbiz, but it was Allah’s will to put me on His path,” she clarified.

She however did call out religious bigots who claim to believe in religious teachings but fail to follow them. “You all are guilty,” she stated as she explained how it’s these same people who disseminate such content. “Muslims who shared my stuff or were accomplice are targeted by cyber-crime and FIA. Two people have already been arrested in the same connection,” she went on.

“This incident marks rebirth in my life and from today onward, my life is dedicated to Allah and His teachings,” she concluded, clarifying that from now on, whatever she says will be within the teachings of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH), her art will be about holy places, and whenever she sings, it will be for Allah and the Prophet (PBUH).

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