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17 Dec

BTMs or ‘Bhenji Turned Models’

Really, there is no sense to this post except my mind kept wandering to common, often racist/mindless remarks we use in our everyday language. No offense to anyone, I had to share since BTM is the latest I heard today. You have to agree, it is hilarious!

BTM: Bhenji Turned Model

Hai-gaas: Lahoris (when you want to insult them)

Mailaas: Karachiites (when you want to insult them)

Akhroat: the Patthans ( as in walnut brians)

Barsaati keeray: the young, under-nourished (and not very gora) youth of Karachi

BBCDs: British Born Confused Desis

I’m sure millions others are popping up in your mind…do share!


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