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3 Dec

Ranveer Singh is the quintessential Bollywood hero in Simmba trailer


The much-awaited trailer of Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba is finally out and it seems that Rohit Shetty is all set to end this year with a bang. The grandiose trailer seemed to be quite different from our expectations as it reveals a lot more than just fun bits and some action sequences.

Starting with the big reveal, the trailer opens with Ajay Devgn’s entry and the film’s connection with 2014’s Singham Returns. Fans were left spellbound with the back story of Ranveer’s character — an angry young child — who grew up to become a no-nonsense corrupt cop with a unique style of dealing with tricky situations. We can envision the newlywed actor having a blast while shooting this film. He is at last portraying a character who resembles his real-life swag – as Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba — a true Hindi film hero who delivers whistle-worthy dialogues, beats up the goons in style, throws witty one-liners unabashedly about his fraudulent ways and yet has moments which will trigger you emotionally.




Directed by Rohit Shetty, Simmba is a remake of 2015 Telugu film, Temper. We don’t know how much creative liberty the director has taken for narrating his version, but what we expected to be an action-comedy turns out to be a film revolving around the serious subject of sexual assault and rape victims. It’s refreshing to see that Shetty has delivered a film with soul but in his distinct style. The storyline is bound to resonate with the audiences while providing entertainment as we see Ranveer’s character grow during the trailer.




Simmba will be Sara Ali Khan’s second film, and unlike her traditional look in Kedarnath, she will be seen in a glamourous role. She didn’t appear much in the trailer with only one blink-and-miss dialogue, but we are really looking forward to seeing her chemistry with Ranveer and their song together.




Sonu Sood as an antagonist is also delightful and his banter with Ranveer Singh is something to look forward to. Although Singham’s OST had left bigger shoes to fill, the background score in Simmba is catchy and will stay with you. However, Ajay’s Bajirao Singham takes the cake in the final moments of the trailer with his true-blue literal glass-shattering entry, leaving fans in a state of frenzy.




Co-produced by  Dharma Productions, the film is set to hit the theatres on December 28.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think:



Syeda Zehra

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