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6 Nov

Ranveer Singh speaks out on the Mahira-Ranbir controversy!

Ranveer Singh

It seems that as much as one tries to downplay the recent Mahira Khan-Ranbir Kapoor controversy, it keeps getting bigger. While in the past both celebs involved in the dilemma made their stance clear, it seems more stars want to get into the action, with the latest to do so being Ranveer Singh.

Speaking to an Indian publication, the Padmavati actor talked about the intrusion of privacy and how Mahira shouldn’t pay heed to the haters.

“Everyone has their own interpretation, everyone has their own set of values,” Ranveer said. “Everyone has an opinion. You can hear them but you needn’t subscribe to them. At the end of the day, one should just live and let live and focus on more important things. Mahira is a great performer and an entertainer. One should ideally just engage with her at just that level.”

While talking about his own experiences, the actor also spoke about how one needs to take the ‘good with the bad.’

“I can only speak about my own experience. There are times when I’m at a certain place with certain people and I don’t want those private moments to be captured by anyone,” Ranveer said. “You got to take the bad with the good. I get to do what I love to do and I make a lot of money, but some things are irritating and you’ve got to take them in your stride.”

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