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12 Jul

Twitter flares up with drama after England’s loss at FIFA semi-final!


Following England’s shattering loss to Croatia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final, Twitter is flooded with jokes poking hilarious reactions to ‘It’s coming home’ and changing it to ‘They are going home!’

While England thought it had the cup in the bag and were all set to win, no one is letting them forget this loss so easily as the sturdy Croats managed to not only equalise the game but subsequently score the winning goal!

We have gathered some funny twitter moments that are bound to raise a smile on your faces. Check it out!

Feeha Jamshed, a die heart soccer fan was all for Croatia, here she shares a cute conversation with her mother, both the ladies were all-in for Croatia, it’s a win-win!

And some came up with hilarious memes…



Ali Rehman congratulated the winning team, but oh it’s not coming home, dear England. Sad, sad, sad.



This one tops the chart, HILARIOUS!


…And then there’s Armeena – who really doesn’t care, does she?

Leave it to Suhel Seth to tell you some interesting trivia!


Is he going to burn this shirt? well, we guess so because it’s not coming home!



The team wasn’t even safe from their own media as Comedy Central shared a taunting #PhoebeThrowback!



Fans were driven to tears at the result; some just couldn’t believe it.


Have you gotten over the result yet? We sure haven’t!

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