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29 Jan

Reema reveals fellow actress tried to poison her


Veteran Pakistani film actress Reema recently made some shocking revelations about the Lollywood industry. The star claimed that a fellow actress tried to kill her by giving her poison in her food.

While giving an interview to Samaa TV, Reema spoke about the widespread culture of harassment that prevails in the entertainment business.

“There were numerous colleagues who gave me a very tough time. I was also subjected to character assassination,” Reema said adding, “Once someone fired gunshots at my house and another time my colleague tried to poison me when I was doing a shampoo commercial for Asim Raza,” she revealed.

“The person was given PKR 100,000 as a reward to poison me but God saved me,” the actress said adding that the concerned person had apologized and the actress never reported this incident to the police. “She told me that she felt jealous when people praised me in front of her.”

“I secured my place in the industry through my hard work and determination. While I found all kinds of people who tried to drag me down, I also found  good folks who guided me so that I stay away from the inside politics,” Reema said.




She went on to disclose that she has been sacked from multiple projects, got entangled in fake scandals and even was subjected to character assassination. “Media was different at that time and fellow artists used their sources to spread rumours in the media circle. My scenes got cut from films and people have decreased the number of songs because of professional jealousy. I was even involved in legal disputes for giving people ‘shut up calls’,” she said.



Despite all the negativity, Reema made her place in the industry and she credits it to her sense of security and positive nature. “Harassment is a part of all industries irrespective of age, power or authority. It all depends on the conscience of a person,” she said.

The film actress also shared that she had been getting a lot of invitations to join political parties, but Imran Khan himself invited her to join the PTI. “He said if you aren’t in a political party, you’re nothing,” she added.


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