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9 Mar

#RoarLikeALion with Coca-Cola Company’s latest citrus drink

The Coca-Cola Company has introduced a new drink called Roar, which is all set to make you #RoarLikeALion. A drink with a distinct citrus flavour bursting with taste, Roar is certainly a fresh addition to the world of beverages. On top of that, the amber bottle featuring a roaring lion looks super sexy and stands out amongst other drinks!

A TVC introducing the drink was released yesterday with a refreshing concept and a pretty cool rap, which goes like this:

‘Don’t sneak up on me and my people, mein theek hoon, we don’t really need you, mein waisay hee unique hoon, mein khaas hoon, mein raat hoon, saveray say dur, andheray mein gheiron samaeton saboot, and these games that you play I don’t care about no rules, when I aim at you, fool you better move!

We’ve also been seeing Roar billboards around the city and have to say they break the clutter. Have you guys come across any?

Here’s what people have to say about it:


Some are calling it clutter-breaking



Others, like us, are loving the rap



It’s super HOT, according to some



With a citrus burst that is SPOT ON



It’s obvious Roar is a drink for an ideal night out with your gang of friends. So as its tagline goes: Drink, Rise, Conquer! Here, take a look at the TVC and let us know how you like it once you have your first Roar:


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