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30 Mar

Sabaat: An intriguing story of power, classism & fortitude


Mawra Hocane’s new drama serial Sabaat began on an interesting note on Sunday night. The drama’s story is set in Islamabad and the first episode established a very good contrast between the two protagonist ladies, played by Mawra Hocane and Sarah Khan.

Sabaat follows the track of two girls; Miraal Fareed (Sarah Khan) is the spoilt brat in her established and well-settled family. Her father wants to fulfill all her wishes while her mother is the sensible one who thinks she should face her share of rejections in life. Her father’s attitude has made her entitled to everything; she loves being the center of attention, likes to have her own way, speaks her mind and rarely listens. She is status conscious as well and thinks that money can buy anything, be it materialistic or emotional connection. Though she was talking about furniture in the episode but it seems that he thinks everything is disposable in today’s era. So far her fiance Ali (Jahanzeb Khan) puts up with her bratty attitude. It appears that Miraal’s character has been painted with broad strokes and we weren’t able to find many layers, however as the drama progresses we sure hope to see her shed off some of it.



The we saw Anaya Aziz (Mawra Hocane) who belongs to a middle class family. She studies in the same university as Miraal’s younger brother Hasan (Ameer Gilani) who is a creative genius. Anaya is a girl who looks for happiness in simple joys of life; she wants to make her father (Mohammed Ahmed) happy on his retirement day. Though Anaya looks like a stereotypical middle class girl who covers her head, is obedient to her family and is good in studies, her character is far from the cliches. She is compassionate, driven and confident.



Ameer Gilani’s also does justice to his debut performance. During the first few scenes, we thought the new boy is not as ignorant and arrogant as her sister but then we see that he breaks his friend’s phone as a joke and calls him gareeb (poor) out of nowhere then he tells him he will get him a new one. Later, we also see how he misbehaved with Anaya when he gets second position in a competition, while Anaya secures the first position. He is indeed a sore loser, who like his sister, cannot handle rejection and destroys Anaya’s engineering model. She puts him in his place and gives him a reality check, while he continuously taunts her about her stature. Later, he realizes that he needs to prove a point in front of Anaya and establish his own identity, which we think won’t be welcomed by his sister.

Both the girls, Sarah and Mawra, have played their roles effectively. While Sarah’s personality and attitude fits into the upper class like a glove, so does Mawra in her surroundings. Ameer has played his part quite convincingly and we can’t wait to see more elements of his personality disclose.

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We also see that Anaya is passionate to work for her campaign against workplace harassment and this will somehow become a major subject in the play. Interestingly, her dad is not only supportive but proud of her stance and we love it! There is much room given to develop Miraal and her Nano’s relationship, who thinks that Miraal is a reflection of her heydays and she wants her to learn from her mistake. However, the granddaughter is too stubborn to listen. Viewers were also keen to see Usman Mukhtar in the drama, but we didn’t get to see him in the first episode.



The teasers show Anaya and Ameer, and Sarah and Usman as two distinct couples respectively, but we have to wait for the story to unfold and reveal what will make it happen. Fresh on-screen pairs are always a welcome change and Sabaat is on our radar now!

Directed by Shehzad Kashmiri, Sabaat airs every Sunday on Hum TV. You can watch the first episode here:



Syeda Zehra

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