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7 Apr

Sabaat: Anaya and Miraal seem like they’re similar yet polar opposites


Sabaat is the latest primetime show to grace our screens for the last two weeks. With a stellar cast including, Marwa Hocane, Sarah Khan Usman Mukhtar and newcomer, Ameer Gilani, the drama raises a critical point about classism and power. Mawra plays Anaya, a modest girl with a middle-class background who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. On the other hand, Miraal (Sarah Khan) belongs to an extremely well-off family and believes everything in her life is her God-given right.

Both girls seem to be sure of themselves enough to not let others put them down in any way. However, there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. While Anaya is a confident girl who is sure of herself enough to not just excel in her own life but also to help lift other women up. However, just because she feels sure of her capabilities doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect other people around her. We see her talking respectfully to all her friends (even if they do unfavourable things), going to invite teachers to her seminar and do help her parents despite being a full-time university student. The only time we see her lose her temper is when a line was crossed by Hassan (Ameer Gilani).



Ameer Gilani as Hassan


Miraal, however, is on another tangent altogether. Although, like Anaya, she doesn’t let others put her down no matter what. Yet, that is where the similarities end. Unlike Anaya, Miraal is so sure of herself that she thinks no one in this world is worth her admiration. Along with this, she does not feel anyone else has the right to dictate her decisions. This would be okay on its own but she takes it a step further and is intolerant to any and every opinion that’s different to hers. With her 20-something years in this world, she believes she has everyone figured out, including elders like her parents and grandmother. This could all be justified for a person who has lived a difficult life, but not for a spoiled girl who has literally lived her entire life in a bubble.

Now, we’re waiting to see these two characters cross paths (which they eventually will of course) since Miraal’s brother Hassan is getting more and more inspired by Anaya and her take on life. We’re sure that’s something Miraal will also try to control. We’d like to see who comes out on the winning end of their arguments because obviously, these two aren’t getting along in any universe! Also, we’ve seen in the promos that Miraal will face a shocking reality when Usman Mukhtar’s character will burst her bubble by not falling to her feet instantaneously. That’s something we’re excited to see. All in all, Sabaat has left us wanting for more!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, watch the latest episode here:


Eman Lakhany