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18 May

Sabar Qamar lampoons her own interview on Aik Din Geo Kay Sath in new YouTube video

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is known to be unapologetically outspoken and this is one of the reasons she stands out in an industry that is dominated by mostly politically correct and over diplomatic actors. Saba tends to speak her mind and she does it again on a video posted yesterday on her YouTube channel. In this parody, called ‘The Chay Show featuring Saba Qamar’, she lampoons one of her own interviews with veteran journalist Sohail Warraich in his signature program Aik Din GEO Kay Sath. She recreates the show, this time giving answers that she wished she had given to a series of personal and intrusive questions.

In the actual interview, Sohail Warraich points out how Saba still looks ‘fresh,‘ perhaps referring to her age. In the parody, the interviewer (who looks and speaks in the same manner as Sohail) makes the same statement to which Saba replies, “Do I look like a vegetable to you?” In the actual interview all she could reply with was, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”



Another laughable instance in the interview AND the parody is when the interviewer questions what people will think of a girl her age who isn’t married. To this, in the original interview Saba replied patiently, saying, “Sir, I won’t get married until I feel it’s the right time to do so. What relatives and society think, is of no concern to me.” In the parody her answer is a little more straight forward as she replies, “Let’s call the Maulvi (to officiate) right now!”

There are many more hilarious questions that are parodied in the video, which is funny, but equally offensive as stars and media have a delicate relationship, in which both support and compliment each other. This video, mimicking someone as experienced as Sohail Warraich, doesn’t come in the best of taste, especially as she refers to him as Mr Ch and ties him up and whips him at the end. Aik Din Geo Kay Sath has a harmless format that applies to all and sundry; some questions may be regarded intrusive and personal but then what’s stopping celebrities from saying no to appearing on the show? It’s food for thought, which also applies to stars who happily appear on Dr Amir Liaqat’s show and then complain about his behaviour.

Meanwhile, comedy and mimicry does come naturally to Saba, as she initially rose to fame by mimicking Senator Sherry Rehman and Benazir Bhutto on the hit show, Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain, on GEO TV.





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