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5 Oct

Sadaf Kanwal is at her unapologetic best in latest interview

Sadaf Kanwal, aka fashion’s favourite IT girl, is known to land herself in hot waters over verbal diarrhoea in most of her interviews. But Sadaf has just appeared in another interview and this time, she’s at her best! Revealing juicy details about the industry and her life, the diva is unapologetic about what she says and how she behaves, coming across as the easiest girl to talk to and we can’t get enough of the fun interview! Oh, and she looks spectacular too.

Appearing with the Voice Over Man on YouTube, the model turned actress was asked a number of controversial questions by the host, whose show is known to swing sharp questions at celebrities, catching them off-guard. Often times, celebrities keep a straight facade, however the gorgeous model was all-in for the interview, and we’ve listed down our favorite quotes from Sadaf!



  • When asked whether it’s true that boys have to be gay and girls have to be lesbian to enter the industry, she said, “I think male models have to be gay to make it in the fashion industry, and for girls it’s easier.”



  • Talking about a certain tall and fair male model who was seen with Sadaf a lot recently, she said “I was in love with him but now things have ended. It was a heartfelt connection”




  • “My actual name isn’t Sadaf Kanwal. My father’s name is Saleem Khan and I hate the name Khan, so I adopted my mother’s name, Kanwal.” Way to stand out.


  • When asked whether she was a part of any casting couch, she replied almost instantly, “There was no casting couch. I came from Frieha Altaf’s camp, which made things easier for me.”




  • Talking about her item song Kaif-e-Suroor, which was criticized heavily by her now co-star, Hamza Ali Abbasi, she revealed that the two are now on good terms. “When I was doing Alif with Hamza, he covered it up and was like, don’t worry that wasn’t for you, it was for others,” chuckled Sadaf.


  • “A lot of the hate comments that I get are about the surgeries I’ve gotten. There are none. My lips are naturally like this!”




  • “Whatever the awam (general public) likes, everybody likes that. So, the public is the jury, and the jury is the public,” she said when asked whether award shows are fair in Pakistan, given that she’s won quite some.


  • “Nomi Ansari is yaaron ka yaar (a loyal friend).”




  • Asked to relate one scandal or controversy she wouldn’t mind about herself, she didn’t hesitate one bit before saying, “That I’m married to the richest man!”




  • In a potentially super controversial segment, Sadaf was asked to reply with the first thing that comes to her mind when she hears a certain word. Launday baazi? “Designers…” said Sadaf.




  • If she was a lesbian for a day, who would she make out with? “Sonya Jahan,” she says.




  • Who’s the sexiest of them all? “Ahad Raza Mir and Sheheryar Munawar,” she thinks.


You can watch the full show here:



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