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26 Jun

Sadia Imam claims to have penned Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Jia Dhadak Dhadak’

Pakistani actress and presenter, Sadia Imam, recently revealed that the lyrics of the hit song Jia Dhadak Dhadak were originally penned by her.

Talking to Waseem Badami on his show Har Lamha Purjosh, Sadia claimed that she had written the lyrics and decided to give them to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is apparently a close friend. The song Jia Dhadak Dhadak is widely regarded as Rahat’s claim to fame in Bollywood.

When asked about the credits, Sadia said that her name isn’t credited with the song’s writing because of her friendship with Rahat. “When I wrote the lyrics, I had no clue that they had the potential to be as beautiful as they turned out after the composition,” said the actress.


Sadia made the revelations on Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjosh


She then claimed to have also written the lyrics for another song, Zindagi Yeh Safar Mein Hai, also sung by Rahat. On Waseem Badami’s probing about why she isn’t credited with both the songs, the actress said that it is apparently because of payment issues across the border. “Rahat told me that he couldn’t give me credits because he didn’t show it in India that the lyrics were written by a Pakistani,” revealed Sadia.

Sadia does not seem to have any reservations about the snubs though; she believes that since she had given the songs to Rahat willingly, he had the right to do whatever he wanted to with them. “It’s admirable though that he has credited me numerous times on-air for the songs,” she added.

However, after grilling her a bit more, Waseem reiterated how it is a huge credit to be missing out on, to which Sadia responded; “I believe, after I gave him the songs it was on Rahat’s conscience to credit the deserving, and if he had it would certainly be a great thing because the credits would be mine forever,” she said.

The actress went on to restate her stance, saying that she still doesn’t blame Rahat as she understands the situation he may have been in and that nobody would let up on a big break, just like he chose not to.

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