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2 Dec

Sajjad Ali’s heartfelt Ravi is a tune for those who live away from home

Sajjad Ali

Just when you start missing a soulful track in Sajjad Ali’s voice, the singer gears up to fill this vacuum with a heartfelt composition that takes you on a nostalgic trip. His latest tune — Ravi — is just another example of how the musician specializes in touching all emotional chords with his lyrics.

Ravi is an earnest composition, dedicated to Pardesis (expatriates); those who have built homes, away from their homes and families. As the official description of the song on YouTube puts it, “People who miss their friends and families, their childhood, the beauty of their language, the culture, and everything in between that makes them who they are; this is dedicated to all Pardesis.”

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Written and composed by Sajjad Ali, the song has a folk tune and will certainly bring make a lot of memories. It is a must listen for people who have settled abroad for employment and have spent decades working tirelessly, only to build a better future.

You can listen to the song here:



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