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23 Sep

Salt Arts all set to return with a post-COVID live concert

Salt Arts

The maestros of concerts in Pakistan, Salt Arts are back with a bang and this time they are persistent to ward off our woes of staying indoors for months. Salt Arts is all set to open the season with a live concert in Karachi on October 3rd.

With an offer to get Karachiites back to a ticketing queue and to the breezy concert grounds, in order to witness some of the most amazing performances under violet stage lights.



Sponsored by Red Bull Pakistan, the concert will begin with the blessings of Kaif Ghazvani’s performative narration on climate change, Mother Earth and freedom of expression. It will also feature tribal folk band, Khumariyaan as well as Pakistan’s most celebrated EDM duo Somewhatsuper.



Salt Arts has also set a new challenge for us this time and it is about dance. As we have been sitting for quite a while in our homes, it is time for us to get up and dance. Any dance directors are welcome to send moves so everyone can practice? You’re free to pick a track from SWS or KH!

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With a limited capacity as it is a physically distant show, Salt Arts has introduced the ‘Buddy Ticket’ which is when two people operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. This practice nurtures a sense of belonging and mutuality in large groups. A buddy ticket will admit two people, in the following categories:

Category 1: Both women – special pricing
Category 2: Woman and man
Category 3: Both men (limited spots)

We would advise you to read ticketing terms and conditions and mandatory guidelines before you buy the ticket. Buddy tickets are now available at Chotu Chaiiwala, at Phase 8 and Bukhari Commercial as well as online. Head over with your NICs.
It is time to get up and enjoy while practicing all necessary social distancing protocols.



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