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29 Aug

Sami Khan gets his Twitter account back after suspension

Sami Khan is the latest Pakistani actor to get suspended for impersonation on Twitter after getting mass reported by a group of social media trolls. Earlier, filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi and prominent Twitter personality, Fasi Zaka, had been suspended for the same reason.

The actor took to his Instagram to reveal that his Twitter account had in fact been suspended, allegedly after a social media network, BJP Youth, carried out a mass reporting campaign against him and a few others, citing impersonation.



It seems as though any unverified account is liable to getting suspended for impersonating the said personality if reported enough times, which makes sense but not really when the suspension comes amid a divided local Twitter discourse around the Kashmir issue; Nabeel Qureshi’s account was suspended for his pro-Kashmir tweets.




The actor got his account back shortly which he announced on his Instagram; Nabeel Qureshi and Fasi Zaka got their respective accounts back as well (albeit missing a few thousand followers), however the suspensions remain mired in uncertainty.




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