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15 Apr

Exclusive: Sana Javed answers tough questions about Ruswai’s finale, Salman’s death & much more

Sana Javed

Drama serial Ruswai concluded on Tuesday night, leaving us all baffled as we were unable to see the protagonist Sameera’s story even in the last episode. With so much spoken and written about the drama which was “supposed” to be about a “gang-rape survivor”, it was only fair to talk to the leading lady, Sana Javed to get some answers.

Team Something Haute caught up with the actress just a few days before the finale and Sana, who undoubtedly performed brilliantly as Sameera, answered some of the toughest questions surrounding the drama. Here are her responses:


Is she satisfied with the ending and how Sameera won the battle?


“I can only talk about my character and I’m satisfied with my character’s journey. It is a director’s vision that takes a drama in a certain direction; I can only act my part as best I can. I don’t have a command on how a character evolves or comes into the spotlight or stays in background,” she said.


What in her opinion was the most strong message of Ruswai?


Ruswai was not just about a rape victim but it was about any body who is victimized in this society. How a person should not succumb to the circumstances and fight against them. At the same time, how a victim should not act vindictive and empathasize with other people,” Sana commented.


Was it essential to kill Sameera’s ex-husband, Salman, in the last episode?


“Salman’s death has nothing to do with his toxic behavior with Sameera or his redemption. It was a situational demand that he literally took a bullet for Sameera because he was already feeling guilty about he treated Sameera. The drama also gives a message that we should always show empowered women as well as men like Dr. Feroze who doesn’t take into account a woman’s past; in this case particularly Sameera’s rape and divorce. He doesn’t judge her for any of that,” Sana added.


How did she feel after meeting Mukhtara Mai, who made a special appearance in Ruswai’s finale?


“I was a pleasure meeting her and you see a woman of strength in her. She is someone who proudly represents Pakistani women in international platforms. She runs a school for girls and boys and is educating them, however, there are still people who target her and question her motives. I think she is an inspiration for all of us to look upto,” she concluded.

To find out if there was something specific that Sana could have played differently in the drama, her take on the domestic violence scenes, the role of parents in a girl’s life, watch the full video here:







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