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16 Apr

Sanam Saeed reports pricey hotel fare, threats & misinformation during quarantine in Pakistan

Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed was amongst the cast and crew of upcoming film Ishrat Made in China, who were stuck in Thailand for over two weeks after wrapping the shoot of their film. The others include Shamoon Abbasi, Mohib Mirza and Sara Loren. The actors safely returned to Pakistan on April 14, but unfortunately what followed was not what they had in mind.

Any traveler has to follow a quarantine protocol upon repatriation, guided by WHO, to ensure containment, early detection of coronavirus, case management and prevention. Keeping that in mind, all the people who have returned have quarantined themselves in a hotel. Sanam has been updating about her stay in Islamabad to her followers and friends through Twitter and the accounts are not encouraging.

On Day 1 of quarantine, she thanked the government for ensuring their safe return and documented how they exited the plane in an organized fashion, were screened, got disinfected and went to stay in Hotel Ramada. They were supposed to get tested the NEXT day.



After a few hours, she mentioned that they were served meals for PKR 1000. Later, they were asked to wait for 6 days to get tested.



Sanam Saeed


On Day 2, Sanam updated that she is staying in windowless room, was asked to pay upfront for the whole week or get transferred to Haji camp until tested.



She emphasized that travelers, who have already suffered while living abroad in lockdown for two weeks, are not ready for these surprises in the form of finances and delays in testing.



They were supposed to wait for two days for tests and were ensured that the government will accommodate them. Sanam reiterated that she knows that the government is doing its best to manage the situation but stranded travelers should not be misinformed so that they can anticipate what is going to happen upon arrival.




Her fellow actor, Shamoon Abbasi also shared a similar account on his Facebook page, describing how the hotel management is extorting money and threatening them.



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