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6 Mar

We can’t get enough of Sapphire’s new lawn collection!

Sapphire lawn

Sapphire is one of the only lawn brands that makes us lose our otherwise composed selves. This phenomenon has been witnessed at Sapphire stores, where women go crazy when the brand either comes out with a new collection or announces an amazing sale. While many women avoid the crowd by simply buying their Sapphire lawn online, we’re the sort of people who need to see the cloth in our hands before buying it.

Therefore when news broke that Sapphire’s new lawn is now available in stores and online, we swiftly made our way to the Sapphire store in Dolmen Mall and were thankfully greeted by a civilised crowd, albeit a large one.

First of all, Sapphire has a very welcoming and warm aura. The salesmen are helpful and very respectful. Even in the maddening crowd, they manage their composure and let the shoppers feel welcome. One salesman even advised me to safely keep my cell phone in my handbag as it was on the verge of slipping out of my jeans pocket.

Secondly, it seemed as if the shoppers of Sapphire lawn were modelling it as well; so many women were walking around the store wearing Sapphire tunics from previous collections. This means that the brand has returning customers which makes one trust the brand even more.

Finally, the goodies aka the clothes themselves. We’re not fans of the traditional phool patti lawn designs that heavily dominate the lawn industry nowadays which is why Sapphire’s contemporary designs are a breath of fresh air. While they also use safe floral motifs which would appeal to the masses, they also throw in some modern design work, such as geometric prints, funky colours and unconventional cuts and silhouettes to keep us begging for more.



And that’s what we were doing. It was such a tough decision to simply settle down on two or three designs when every other lawn print was so wearable. Also, take it from us, the fabric is extremely breathable so not only will you look good this summer, you’ll be able to survive the Karachi heat in style.

What made it easier though was the fantastic prices on these ensembles. The lawn prints start from as low as Rs.1,100! So you can definitely afford to indulge in at least three, four pieces.

At the end of our shopping experience, the salesgirl at the counter slipped our merchandise in a beautifully designed shopping bag. Appreciation must be given to Sapphire’s graphic design team who make everything even more visually appealing.

As you can see, Sapphire’s lawn has us drooling. It’s therefore time to head to their stores to see whether you feel the same way as we do!

The Haute Team

This article is written by one of our competent team members.