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29 Oct

Saqib Malik reveals what makes his debut film ‘Baaji’ unique


With the ensemble cast in Saqib Malik’s upcoming directorial, Baaji, revealed, it seems the director is now finally willing to talk more about what exactly his film project is.

Speaking to Instep, the filmmaker revealed that the film, unlike other recent ones, will be different in the sense that it will have ‘no weddings’ and that it ‘Meera Ji’ in it, which gives it an edge.

“First, because it has Meera Ji in it and secondly, the storyline is very different,” Saqib said. “I feel casting, storyline and treatment make a film different – all of these things in Baaji are very unique. It has got no weddings.”

The filmmaker also reiterated that like everything, this film also has a message embedded in it.

“I think there is always a message in everything; sometimes it is blurted out, other times it’s embedded in the narrative of the film,” he said.

As per the initial press release, Baaji is set against the backdrop of ‘fading Lollywood and the emerging new order of the Pakistani film industry’. It is co-written by Irfan Ahmed Urfi and Saqib Malik and is expected to be high on glamour and drama.

Baaji is scheduled to hit the screens in mid-2019.


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