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16 Mar

“Saraab has been a huge learning experience,” says Sonya Hussyn

Despite the flaws in the narrative and unnecessary inclusion of parallel tracks, Sonya Hussyn’s performance in Saraab is undeniably an award-winning performance. It would not be an overstatement to say that she was truly the highlight of the play that addressed schizophrenia, doing complete justice to her role.



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Following the last episode, Sonya thanked the entire team of Saraab for the opportunity.

“I’d like to thank the entire Hum TV team, the doctors, my director Mohsin Talat, all the co-actors specially Sami Khan and each and every person who guided me to make this journey possible. It was an experience I’ll always value and never forget,” she shared

She went on to acknowledge the viewers for their love and encouragement. “Thank you all for watching the series, for sending us so much love, appreciation. Hopefully after this we will continue to raise awareness, destigmatize mental illnesses and together, gauge a better understanding of how to help people who suffer from such conditions.”

Sonya who played the character of a schizophrenic added that this was a role she will never forget.

“Although mental health is a subject that we have finally started to address. However, the conversations have just started. We still have a long way to go. Saraab has been a huge learning experience and this is a role I’ll never forget,” she wrote.



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Her co-star Sami Khan who was equally great in the play also shared his gratitude and appreciated Sonya for her exceptional performance.

“Sonya Hussyn you’re a true and a gifted artist… the way you brought Hoorain to life is what helped me bring Asfandyar to life… it wasn’t possible without you… more love and power to u girl. Looking forward to create magic on screen with you again soon,” he wrote.




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