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20 Apr

Sarah Khan exclusive: Why she chose to play Miraal, her plans to avoid being typecast & a lot more

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Sarah Khan is not a new addition to the Pakistani entertainment industry, however, her latest character in Sabaat — Miraal — is making us fall in love with her all over again. Although negative, Sarah displays her great acting chops through Miraal and she is indeed a joy to watch on screen.

We wanted to know what went on behind the scenes into creating Miraal and Sarah’s journey towards choosing to play this character. To get these questions answered, Something Haute team sat down for an exclusive interview with Sarah Khan.

Here are some of the interesting revelations that were made during the interview:

How do you chose to play such a different and difficult character like Miraal?


“Well, when people see my face, they only see me as a naive and innocent girl who cries a lot. I didn’t like that and I wanted to change that. I’ve chosen quite a different range of characters this year. So, if we’re talking about Sabaat, I read the character last year and I finally got to play her a year later. I wanted to do this kind of character because there are very few roles like that. I love that Miraal is quite negative and ill-mannered. Even though I’ve done a negative character before, this is quite different,” she replied.


You’re drastically different in real life from your character in Sabaat. How did you pull it off? 


“For me, Miraal was quite challenging. Firstly, I cannot yell; for this character, I wanted to portray a villain who is not stereo-typically loud and profane.” Talking further about the work that went into creating her character, she added, “I thought about how she should look. I wanted to take her out of shalwar kameez. Her wardrobe itself was a whole obstacle we had to overcome. All of her looks were very carefully decided to show the stark contrast between her and Anaya’s characters.”


What is going to happen with regards to Miraal’s character evolution?


“Look, till now a lot of people are confused about why Miraal is this way? Everyone has a reason to why they’re a certain way and for Miraal we still haven’t seen why! For a while, we’ll see her remember her grandmother and then, later on, we’ll find out why she’s that way,” she replied.


What kind of development should we expect in Miraal with the arrival of Usman Mukhtar’s character (whenever he actually appears)?


“I can tell that whenever Usman’s character enters, you’ll see many shades of Miraal. Either you’ll love her or you’ll hate her completely. This will be because there are two different kinds of people. One, who’ll understand Miraal and they will then get clarity on why she’s a certain way so maybe they’ll love her then, but after what she does later on in the show, I wouldn’t love a person like her,” she laughingly added.


Miraal is very negative character that you’re playing. Are you afraid of being typecast into negative roles if the drama gets praised?


“Actually, I wanted people to hate Miraal. The more people hate her, the better. My acting will be validated. I have been typecast before though, into playing many naive girls, however being typecast or not, it’s in my hands. Like I waited six months to play Miraal and didn’t play any other character until then. So, later on if people try to cast me in another negative character, I might not do it.  I’ll wait for another different character to explore,” she concluded.

You can watch the full interview here:



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