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26 Jan

Aamir Khan’s ‘Secret Superstar’ makes 300 Crores in China in just 7 days!

Secret Superstar

With Aamir Khan developing a huge fan following in China, after 3 Idiots, his star power has managed to make his international earnings quadruple in the last decade. Now, with his latest film Secret Superstar in the Chinese market, the actor is INR 300 Crores richer!

According to Filmfare, the film starring Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan has managed to make over INR 300 crores in just 7 days!  Trade analysts have predicted that the film will cross over 500 crores in the Chinese market in the upcoming days owing to his fame.

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Surprisingly, the film has earned INR 293.18 crores to be precise in China, whereas its local gross has only been about INR 150 Crores. Well, if this doesn’t prove that Aamir and his films always seem to be a hit with the audience internationally, we don’t know what will!

Secret Superstar, released in late-2017, explores the life of a young girl from a conservative family who aspires to be a singer and in the process becomes popular.


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