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22 Jul

Senator Sherry Rehman talks about her love for the sari & why we don’t see her donning one

Sherry Rehman

It may not always seem that way but fashion and politics do go hand-in-hand; whatever politicians wear does usually make a statement for their activism or political slant. Purely on a style surface, without digging too deep for aesthetic agendas, some of the most memorable trends are set by First Ladies and royalty. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s looks, for instance, are still compared to Lady Diana’s iconic style moments.

Closer to home, there is no denying the fact that late Benazir Bhutto set a trend for elegant and graceful fashion in the political circuit. In recent times, certain pieces of clothing have been associated to our local politicians. Take the blazer for example; Senator Sherry Rehman can often be spotted donning a structured jacket with her signature shalwar kameez. In a recent conversation with Aap News, the senator was asked to share her personal take on fashion and style.

“I know nothing about fashion. I prefer wearing a jacket over my shirt or a suit because it easily takes me from a day to night look without much effort and appears professional as well. My jacket is made of cotton jamawar fabric and I choose multiple colors and get them stitched from a tailor in Karachi. This is not fashion for me; it’s my individual style,” she said.



As far as trends are concerned, Sherry isn’t too keen to follow them.

“People tell me that the shalwar isn’t in fashion these days but I wear it often. I am not bothered if long shirts are en vogue or shorter ones. I stick to kurta shalwar and suits,” she added.

On the colours & accessories she like

The senator has a very different take on fashion. “I believe it makes you anxious to be always updated about latest trends. Fashion for me is more about staying true to your individuality. I prefer solids or monochromes in a combination of two colours. I usually pair them with statement earrings or scarves. I like navy blue in general and white in summer.”


Sherry Rehman


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Designer wear

Sherry also said that although some women spend thousands of rupees on designer wear, that doesn’t give you an identity. “You will establish your distinct identity through your personality, character and individual sense of style, rather than expensive clothes. When I was an ambassador in America, people used to inquire my staff about my wardrobe. I always told them that I get these tailored in Pakistan. I rarely buy off-the-peg outfits as I’ve broad shoulders and I can’t get correct sizes,” she said.

Her love for saris

Interestingly, Sherry Rehman loves saris but we have hardly seen her wearing one. “I think there isn’t anything as elegant and graceful as a sari. Unfortunately, it is limited to evening wear in our region. I love saris and I drape them occasionally for weddings. As much as I want to, I can’t wear sari in a political gathering because I don’t like the ready-made saris worn as uniforms. You have to look dignified and poised at all times in professional capacity and there isn’t any room for a slipping pallu,” she laughingly said.


Sherry Rehman


About her make-up

Sherry also shared that she does her make-up herself. “I once did a photoshoot for my friend who is a jeweller. I learnt a few things there then I used to appear on talk shows so when I had my make-up done there, I learnt more. I get irritated if a new person experiments on my face and with my hair,” she added.


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