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13 May

Sensodyne’s latest DVC gives a cure for sensitivity through a well-told story on relationships

Relationships are so delicate, if not given ample time and taken care of, they end. The key to establishing and maintaining a strong relationship is that it needs to be given time; you reap what you sow and it all eventually shows in the outcome.

This is exactly what’s been depicted in Sensodyne’s latest DVC. A refreshing story line that revolves around sensitive relationships, made stronger with just a little bit of care and love.

The video starts with a young man leaving the office, only to be asked to stay back and finish an assignment. He then receives a call, presumably from someone close to him, and tells the person on the other end he’d be late. As he gets engrossed in work and time passes by, he receives another call from the same person, and tells them again he’d be late. When he finally finishes work and reaches home, we find out that it was his mother who was calling him and waiting for him to return home so they could have dinner together.

Cute, right?

Sensodyne, which provides the most suitable oral care routine for teeth sensitivity, gets its core message across through this DVC without once showing the actual product. It’s a well-told story teaching that instead of fearing sensitivity, it needs to be handled with attentiveness and that’s quite wonderful, really. At a time when in-your-face marketing campaigns are the norm, this commercial truly stands out.

Here, take a look at it and let us know what you think:





Sara Zaman