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26 Oct

Shaan Shahid criticizes PTV over the lack of content being produced

Shaan Shahid

Veteran actor Shaan Shahid has been away from the television and cinema screens for a while. However, he always manages to stay in the spotlight for his views, expressions and judgments. Recently, in an interview with Arab News, Shaan made a few remarks about PM Imran Khan, his government, and how the content being produced on television should be controlled.

Shaan who is a vocal supporter of Imran Khan’s government said the leader should be given more time to prove his potential.

“I am not from PTI or any other political party,” he said in response to the call of early elections. “The race is not yet finished. Give him (Imran Khan) enough time to prove himself.”



“As a Pakistani, I feel that this (PTI government) is the last hope for democracy in the country,” he shared his point of view.

Shaan, whose upcoming movie Zarrar is set for a release next year, also made a few comments regarding the ban and censorship on content owned by private channels and social media apps.

“These are private channels. You can’t control the content of private channels. They will make what they think is right,” he told Arab News at his home in Lahore. “But… you’ve got a channel that’s beyond satellite and that’s PTV,” he said, referring to the state television channel. “If PTV was producing what the Prime Minister thinks should be produced… I want to see that content,” he said, adding his disappointment over the lack of content.

“I don’t know who’s doing the programming in PTV, but whoever it is needs to wake up and do his job.”


Shaan also shared his views regarding the Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul being promoted by Imran Khan and aired on the government-controlled channel.

Ertugrul, as far as the play was concerned…nice play. But I would like to know more about how religion came to this part of the subcontinent,” he said, adding that that history still needs to be documented in a play or a serial.

The actor revealed that he couldn’t relate to the play and the dubbing was a put off for him.


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