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11 Feb

Shabana Azmi’s role in Pakistani play, ‘Akhri Station’

Akhri Station airs on Tuesday and it has already created enough hype to ensure that the audience is anticipating how effective it’ll be in conveying the message that it hopes to deliver. As with any project, it is the names involved that have the pull. The awareness campaign – focussing on mostly unspoken and taboo women’s issues – has been facilitated by Roshaney Zafar at Kashf Foundation. Directed by Sarmad Khoosat and written by Amna Mufti, the 7-episode play places Sanam Saeed in a pivotal role with Nimra Bucha, amongst others, as the women whose stories will be told. The OST, a beautiful rendition of an Amjad Islam Amjad poem, ‘Mujhe Apne Jeenay Ka Haq Chaihiye‘ has been composed by Arshad Mahmood and sung by Tahira Syed. And here’s where Shabana Azmi comes in.

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The award winning Indian actor, an advocate of women’s rights, has narrated a verse from the poem in the title track. We got to hear a message from her at the recently held press meet…



I got in touch with Roshaney to ask how exactly Shabana jee was involved in the project and what value did her endorsement carry?

“Gender Discrimination is a global issue that leads to the daily denigration and marginalization of women,” she said. “It is a no brainer that investing in women and girls is smart not only socially but economically. Shabana Azmi’s participation in Aakhri Station is a testament of the fact that we all need to unite and fight against all forms of discrimination that continue to hold women and girls back. There are no boundaries or borders when it comes to our efforts to make this world a safer and better place for women.”

The title track has not been released yet but we just heard it and it seemed to carry a narration from Shabana Azmi too?

“Yes she has recited the last verse of the poem in the OST. Aakhri Station is about about bonding and association with other women how ever different their backgrounds how ever insurmountable their problems. Shabana Azmi’s participation in our project transcends and creates similar connections amongst all the women who are advocating for gender equity.”


Aamna Haider Isani

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