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28 Jul

Shah Rukh Khan talks about Diplo’s ‘Phurr’

With Shah Rukh Khan’s magic all set to encapsulate the audience with Imtiaz Ali’s much-awaited Jab Harry Met Sejal on August 4th, almost any news that makes it through the grapevine turns into pure gold for fans. However, there’s one news which is no more a rumor but an Haute reality, and it’s called ‘Phurr.’

While rumors were ripe that the SRK and Anushka Sharma starrer would have international sensation Diplo in association for a song after an image went viral of Khan and Diplo together, the Raees actor has now confirmed the news at the song launch for ‘Hawayein’ in Mumbai yesterday.

The two icons met recently to discuss the outcome of their collaboration.

According to Khan, the song which is aptly titled ‘Phurr’ focuses more on Sharma’s character, Sejal, in the film and has been a collaboration between Pritam and Diplo.

“The song comes in a place, where it shows coming of age and a feeling of freedom for Anushka. As a matter of fact, the direction that Imtiaz had given us during the song, is basically a song about Anushka’s character flying free, and realizing there’s more to life than she has experienced. It’s like a flight she takes off with. Imtiaz would tell us again and again that it’s like being in a trance, so I think, that’s what it signifies in the film,” the actor told media present at the press conference.

Although the song mainly features the actress, Khan also confirmed that he has a small role in the song and has a signature move, which he –and probably us too – are the most excited about.


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