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26 Sep

Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Padmavati’ look took 4 months, 22 artists to make!

With two of the much-awaited looks for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati out, there’s absolutely no doubt that fans can’t get enough of them. Brimming with detail, the posters are a shining example of the director’s eye for intricacy. However, if you think it’s oh-so-simple to get everything perfect, think again.

While Deepika Padukone is winning the internet with her unibrow, her royal attire, and traditional Rajasthani jewelry, Shahid Kapoor looks every bit the fierce and majestic Rajput ruler, Maharawal Ratan Singh in the latest series of posters launched by the makers.

In an interview with Mid-Day India, designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula broke down Shahid’s look from the film. “There is tremendous research that has gone behind every costume that Shahid will be seen wearing in the film,” Harpreet said.

Talking about how everything from the clothing styles to weather of Chittor was taken into account before zeroing in on the costumes, she added,

“We sourced organic fabrics from Rajasthan that were then embroidered by hand by 22 local artisans. We have stuck to pure muslin cloth as the base, and then used vegetable dye or hand dye. While we tried to use hues that are associated with masculinity, we also had to balance it with brighter colours, since Rajasthani outfits are all about colour at the end of the day.”

The research stretched over a span of four months which involved visits to museums in Jaipur and Ahmedabad, as well as flea markets to find antique trinkets.

“Many samples of antique textiles and costumes from that period are dispersed in various museums all over the world. So, our dreams of visiting these museums were realized as we collated all the necessary information. We would often collect old fabrics, or buy antiques like brooch or pins from flea markets,” Rimple said.

Padmavati is all set to release on 1st December 2017, and stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor in lead roles.

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